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Chinese Embassy hits back at US envoy’s comments on SL-China relations

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The Embassy of China in Colombo has hit back at the remarks made by the United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka Alaina B. Teplitz on China's part in the island country. 

In a media discharge, the Chinese Embassy stated: "With incredible stun and solid discontent, the international safe haven found out about the United States Ambassador's meeting with a nearby paper, in which an unfamiliar agent from a third nation straightforwardly played off China-Sri Lanka relations and seriously abused the political convention." 

The Chinese Embassy says it isn't unexpected to see the United States meddling into a sovereign nation's inner undertakings, including that "the overall population is as yet surprised to observe its wretched endeavor to control others' political relations." 

The announcement focuses on that both China and Sri Lanka as free nations have full options to create relations with outside nations as indicated by their own need and will. 

"How Sri Lanka and China drew in with one another has consistently stood the trial of time, and the legislature and the individuals of Sri Lanka have their own autonomous and reasonable judgment on the relations with China." 

The Embassy focuses on that the United States has no force or commitment to "address on China-Sri Lanka relations" including that "such bare authority, incomparability and force legislative issues will nor be endured by the Chinese nor be acknowledged by the Sri Lankan." 

The Chinese Embassy has unequivocally recommended the United States to stop the "habit of lecturing others and applying twofold principles." 

It further underscored: "Four straightforward yet accommodating advice to our presumptuous companion from the opposite side of the world: Don't defame other nations' work in battling pandemic while besting the world in COVID-19 cases; Don't imagine the watchman of deregulation while disregarding the WTO decisions; Don't hold high the pennant of straightforwardness while concealing its dubious MCC understanding; Don't spread others' typical participation against sway while bombarding unfamiliar nations, involving abroad army installations and forcing one-sided sanctions." 

The Chinese Embassy further expressed the absurd and tricky practices of the United States "will just harm its helpless worldwide notoriety which is now barely holding on."

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